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Heartbreak is the way that typical mentally healthy people respond to the end of a relationship. Even though it is normal, it also can be devastating. Heartbreak can feel like a hurt that will never go away. People who experience heartbreak may:

  • feel deep and prolonged sadness
  • experience meaninglessness, alienation and lack of purpose
  • have trouble functioning at work or school
  • experience rage, resentment or jealousy
  • experience feelings of guilt
  • diminish or even destroy one's feelings of self esteem and self-worth
  • isolate themselves from others
  • engage in self-destructive behavior
  • make poor choices and rush into other relationships to try and stop the pain

People who are heartbroken may be told that they need to “let it go,” “move on” and to “forgive and accept.” They can also be told they need to “love themselves” in order to find a satisfying loving relationship with someone else. These suggestions don’t seem possible or even make sense when one's heart has been broken.

Rapid Heartbreak Resolution is an innovative process that can end the pain from heartbreak in a single visit. People feel better right away. No medication is utilized. Fascinating and pleasant experiential methods, along with multi-level communication, shifts the way the mind processes information so that the pain simply stops. This does not mean that the pain is numbed or blocked, but instead that the feelings are no longer generated. You might have seen films in which time-lapsed photography speeds up what has been recorded so that you can watch flowers quickly opening. Likewise, our process speeds up healing and adaptation. It pinpoints and clears the internal conflict that can occur with heartbreak. Pain is gone and preoccupation disappears.

Can Rapid Heartbreak Resolution end your pain? Why not find out? The process has proven so effective that we actually refuse to accept your payment unless you are satisfied. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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